About Me

I’m Cynthia, a proud momma to a little girl, wife to a fighter pilot, and currently serve in the military.  I have a passion for books, coffee, and Jesus, and my desire is to share my story in hopes that women can find encouragement in the daily struggles of life.  I don’t have life figured out. Heck, most times I feel like a hot mess. My hubby and I share this joke called E-Cubed (E^3)… Its Emotions, Estrogen and Eve

Emotions – because as women, we all have them and sometimes they make us crazy

Estrogen – as the primary female sex hormone, it is responsible for the differences between male and female bodies (thanks to the Big Man upstairs)

and finally Eve – she ate the apple and now, here we are…

Despite my E^3-ness, I felt a call to write and so… this is my faithful step.

Welcome 🙂

Note: All views expressed on this blog are strictly my own and not of the Air Force, United States Military or governement.